“Minds are like parachutes; they work a lot better when they’re open”.

The experienced words of Neil Gleghorn, who has been CEO of Kallik for nearly two decades.

This year’s events will see Kallik discuss what challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces and how, as a trusted labelling and artwork solutions supplier, they look to meet both short and long-term requirements for industry sectors.

“The pharma industry needs to be more adaptable in reacting to different markets,” Neil says. “Needing to gauge how it can do more as an industry without creating any risk to businesses in the process is a large challenge it faces.”

“This needs to come from people keeping an open mind. We are looking to re-engineer how people work and develop new processes in which they can both adapt and adopt going forward.”

Open mindedness and a collaborative working effort are two things Neil feels will drive the industry forward, and lead to an efficient environment that will reduce risk, making for a more beneficial approach.

“The long-term vision of the pharma industry needs to see a resourceful and streamlined process operating between departments,” Neil explains. “One department needs to make sure their piece of work is prepared and detailed enough to be passed on to the next relevant department fit for purpose.”

With this in mind, industry trends and operational challenges will be at the forefront of delegates attending the conference, with new technologies proving imperative to both personal and professional development. This is something Neil has seen overlap in his career within the labelling industry.

“There was no internet, no mobile phones and a lot of people didn’t even have email twenty years ago; technology was only used when we went to work. But within that time, it has been picked up rapidly in our private lives, but not always making it through to the business world. The biggest change is how we look to implement technology from our private lives and adapt it into our business. At Kallik, we provide a cloud application, something we’ve done for the last fifteen years and like to consider ourselves industry leaders in. We saw the need to adapt twenty years ago, and we have only looked to progress and mature our approach ever since.”

Neil invites attendees to meet and talk with the Kallik team at West Coast Pharma, to learn more about the benefits that structured data can bring to labelling and how embracing new technologies can empower workforces to be more confident about compliance.

Find out more about Pharma and Device Packaging and Labelling – West Coast 2018.

To arrange a meeting, please contact David Callaghan on 0121 389 2499 or [email protected]

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