By Graham Francis, Channel Marketing Manager, Kallik Ltd.

As March approaches, there’s much that those working within heavily regulated industries need to be focusing on for the rest of the year to stay compliant, take cost out of supply chain operations and increase their speed to market.

At Kallik, we spend a lot of time researching how we can help our customers achieve these goals through making best use of emerging technologies. We’ve previously discussed ‘Connecting the Disconnected’, Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation – what each of these approaches has in common is the underlying use of digital technology to make it easier to create, share, approve and print, labelling and artwork content. We’ve seen organisations previously hampered by document centric and paper based process released into the 21st century by adopting this approach, achieving impressive gains in productivity and quality to boot.

Whilst we’re delighted to have been part of this revolution, we believe there is a lot more to come. If we look across industries such as finance, banking, insurance and retail, we’ve seen an explosion in the services and products available, much of it driven by competition and consumer demand. This has resulted in a huge number of choices available underpinned by hugely complex business decisions and massive amounts of data – which some would call Big Data.

Many of these industries have responded to this opportunity by automating their manual, repetitive and time-consuming decisions by implementing business rules technologies and building rule sets that map to organisational processes. This approach delivers greater consistency, eliminates costly errors and vastly increases productivity. Now becoming mature, robust and well-proven as increasingly well understood throughout industry, we believe that business rules engines have a significant role to play in the labelling and artwork management arena. We believe this to be the ‘next big thing’ for labelling and artwork and have just published a brand new white paper to help share our vison – A Rules Based Approach to Labelling and Artwork Management.

Download your copy of the paper here.

If you’d like to learn more about how Kallik can help you innovate across your labelling supply chain, you can get in touch with the team here.

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