Here at Kallik we’ve been working hard to improve our website to make it easier and quicker for you to discover what you need to know

If you class your organisation as a heavily regulated industry facing challenges with keeping your labelling compliant or simply being uncertain about current levels of compliance, then you might want to visit our Industries page first. If what we say resonates with you, then take a look at our Products, Solutions and Services pages to understand more about what we do and how we might be able to help.

The new site also makes it easier for you to locate additional resources to help you understand more about who we are and our views on topical industry trends and challenges. Here you can download from our brochures and White Papers to stay better informed and keep up with latest developments.

Once you’ve had a chance to find out more about us and are keen to learn more, why not get in touch with us directly to speak to one of the team and/or request a demo. We understand that sometimes it’s easier to have a quick chat and we’re always here to help you with your journey.

In the meantime, here’s a short summary of what’s new on our new site and where you can find it:


Kallik work closely with organisations in highly regulated industries including cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical devices. The Industries page will guide you through the specific ways Kallik’s AMS products and solutions can transform your labelling and artwork management processes in each of these industries, including compliance with industry-specific regulations and alignment with local market legislations.


You can find all of Kallik’s AMS products under this menu item, including AMS90, AMS180 and AMS360. Each page will help you understand what each can offer and how they could meet your organisation’s needs. In the top banner, you will also find clickable icons that make it easier to identify product functions, including Digital Asset Management, Artwork Automation and Factory Print. You can learn more about each function by navigating through these icons.


Kallik’s integrated labelling and artwork management solutions, including Factory Print, Automated Artwork and eLabelling are outlined under this menu item. Each individual page will detail the key benefits of the solution and how it can enable greater efficiency and transparency across your organisation’s entire supply chain.


Whichever Kallik solution you choose, we can provide you with a range of additional consultancy and training services. The Services page provides more information on how Kallik can provide additional services to reduce the time involved in deploying our solutions into your organisation so you can start benefiting from them as quickly as possible.


The Support page provides you with extra information on how the Kallik support team will use their expertise to ensure you are able use the solution as soon as possible, further streamlining your labelling and packaging artwork generation process. In addition, this page provides a link to the Kallik Support Centre where you can receive extra support from the Kallik team.


The Resources menu item will lead you to a range of extra content, including Kallik’s blog, news, events, brochures, White Papers, and customer case studies. This part of the website is updated regularly with industry insight and news of upcoming events where you can meet the Kallik team. If there is a specific topic you’d like to learn more about, please do get in touch and let us know – we’d be more than happy to include it in our content schedule.


At the bottom of the website you will find additional pages in the footer. These include information on Kallik as a company, the partners we work with, career opportunities and privacy policy.

Our industry is agile, and so are we. We are always looking at ways we can improve our website to best suit are visitors. If you have any questions or requests for extra information, please get in touch and share your thoughts.

Graham Francis, Product Marketing Manager

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