Document Versus Data: Why The Difference Matters

by Neil Gleghorn, CEO and Founder, Kallik. People often ask why we stress the difference between a document-oriented way of looking at managing your product and brand information and a ‘data’ one. It’s a great question, and can best be answered like this: you’re a manufacturer of a single product line. Let’s say you’ve had…

ERP Is Great. But It Won’t Solve All Your Problems

by Neil Gleghorn, CEO and Foiunder, Kallik. My company, Kallik is a dedicated supplier of Labelling Content Management and Artwork Generation for important markets like pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics. We operate by offering clients in these sectors proven solutions that produce accurate, print-ready artwork for their packaging and labelling, in a very short time,…

Why The World Isn’t Speaking English Back To You

by Ashley Goldie, Sales and Marketing Director, Kallik Given the predominance of Hollywood in entertainment and English as the international language of business, it’s fair to assume we are moving to a monoglot world, surely?

Taming The Twin Challenges To Successful Labelling

by Neil Gleghorn, CEO and Founder, Kallik. I wonder if I could spend a moment or two talking a little bit about my company Kallik  and about the market and the choices available for delivering efficient, global labelling and content programmes. We are a UK-based company with very strong roots in the artwork/pre-press origination sector….

Why Artwork Should Be Central To Your Content Plans

by Neil Gleghorn, CEO and Founder, Kallik. If you are a manager for any kind of multinational industry, especially in a regulated sector such as life sciences or cosmetics, you need to be thinking about how to be a better ‘artist.’ The kind of art I am talking about is the packaging and labeling artwork…