Simplify labelling changes and ensure compliance

Labelling and artwork inconsistencies, whether in the form of print or published electronically, can have serious consequences. This could potentially expose your organisation to risk of fines and product recalls.

Reduce labelling inventory

Kallik’s data cleansing services will help you to reduce inventory, simplify labelling changes and ensure compliance with labelling and artwork regulation. Your Kallik support team will use a combination of their experience, expertise and technology to help you address your data cleansing needs. We will work with you to assess the quality of your existing data, and provide recommendations for standardisation and consolidation.

Standardise your labelling assets

Kallik will work with you to identify where there may be multiple instances of similar templates and content that could be consolidated. This will help minimise the number of labelling assets needing to be managed, reducing the time spent searching for correct content.

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