Graphic content preparation

Introducing better processes often provides an opportunity for content refresh. Specialist help with content creation, file conversion and colour separation for master imagery is available to fast-track your transition.

Ensuring rapid migration of existing artworks into Kallik AMS software

Whether the challenge is file conversions, system population or template creation, Kallik’s Graphic Services will help you migrate existing artworks into the Kallik software quickly.

Expert advice along the way

The Graphic Services team’s combination of extensive industry background and deep knowledge of Kallik’s powerful solutions ensures just about any operational issue you might have will be addressed.

Post-training support

As an extension to the support provided post-training, your Kallik Graphics team can also provide you with resources to assist with building templates and transforming existing templates into the Kallik format. Kallik’s Graphics Consultants will also assist you in ‘designing’ for automation.

Find out how Kallik can help during the migration of graphics process