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27th November 2018 - 28th November 2018

Kallik is delighted to announce our attendance at the Pharma and Device Packaging and Labelling event, West Coast 2018.

The event will take place on November 27th-28th and will see the latest industry trends and operational challenges in the commercial side of the biopharma and labelling industry, being discussed by leading industry experts.

Looking to present and discuss why facilitating a change is needed in the pharma industry, Kallik will highlight some of the biggest challenges the industry is facing. From this, we will be discussing new technologies and processes that can not only work alongside, but also enhance existing legacy systems. These new technologies can help the industry move forward, by empowering the workforce to have more confidence in regards to compliance. With this beginning to happen, new cultures, and a revitalised way of thinking will help drive change, push more collaborations between departments and help support the workforces of tomorrow drive the industry forward.

Kallik’s Channel Marketing Manager, Graham Francis, said: “We’re looking forward to attending West Coast 2018. We want to meet with leaders of the pharma industry, share our knowledge as a trusted artwork solutions supplier and demonstrate how easy a structured approach can make adopting a new labelling process easy.

“By demonstrating how a label can be automatically created and edited, using the AMS360 solution, we can highlight the benefit of aligning new technologies with new working cultures and how this will progress the pharma and medical devices industry.”

Attending previous events has allowed the Kallik team to meet and discuss with many delegates who have helped shape the roadmap of the Kallik AMS360 solution. This has created new functionality that meets both short and long-term requirements for industry sectors, with AMS360 providing a smarter, simpler and more compliant way to manage labelling output.

We invite attendees to meet and talk with the Kallik team, to learn more about the benefits that structured data can bring to labelling and how embracing new technologies can empower workforces to be more confident about compliance.

For more information on West Coast 2018, visit http://www.arena-international.com/pharmapackagingwest

To arrange a meeting, please contact [email protected]