Ensure strategic alignment with both existing and emerging labelling and artwork legislation in the medical devices industry

Kallik make labelling and artwork management for the medical devices industry simple. As merger and acquisition activity continues to be a strategic play for medical device organisations, there is an increasing need to achieve rapid alignment across both regulatory and marketing-driven labelling and artwork content.

Increasing regulation and enforcement is driving medical device organisations to seek solutions to better manage product and package labelling and to reduce compliance risks. This is where Kallik come in.

Kallik provides a single cloud-based solution to enable complete traceability across the labelling and artwork management process to achieve:

  • Accelerated and de-risked Mergers and Acquisitions activity
  • Elimination of inconsistencies through providing a single source for all printed and electronic labelling
  • Simplified engagement with Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs)
  • UDI and Medical Device Regulations (MDR) compliance
  • Complete transparency across the medical devices supply chain
  • Competitive advantage within existing territories and when entering new markets

Discover how Kallik’s AMS products can transform your labelling processes