Manage the evolving requirements of the chemical industry effectively

The chemical industry is very heavily regulated to ensure the safety, safe use and disposal of chemical products. Ensuring the consistency of precise, compliant language, translated appropriately for each country, resulting in numerous versions of labelling and artwork, can be highly labour-intensive and result in a lack of process transparency. This can lead to non-compliance and costly product recall.

Kallik provide labelling and artwork management solutions for organisations in the chemical industry to help them achieve health and safety regulation compliance, avoid costly product recalls, and in turn become more efficient as a business by increasing productivity whilst minimising risk.

Kallik’s solutions provide immediate and long-term benefits to the chemical industry by achieving:

  • Perform labelling changes quickly and cost effectively within timescales set by regulatory authorities
  • Ensure alignment across labelling content and Chemical Safety Data Sheets
  • Compliance with COSHH, EPA and NHTSA regulations
  • Complete transparency from formulations and processes to finished products
  • Rapid traceability of affected products to perform labelling changes
  • Alignment with local market legislations and translations

Discover how Kallik’s AMS products can transform your labelling processes