• AMS360: Release 6

    Faster User Adoption

    For the first time, organisations can source a single integrated solution to satisfy all their global labelling and artwork requirements.

  • AMS360: Release 6

    Outstanding Productivity Gains

    Setting new industry benchmarks for the speed, accuracy and efficiency of enterprise-wide global labelling and artwork management activity.

  • AMS360: Release 6

    Unrivalled Transparency

    Achieving a faster return on investment by eliminating process bottlenecks and helping your organisation to achieve greater levels of collaboration.

  • AMS360: Release 6

    One Single Cloud-Based Platform

    Ensuring extreme accuracy across all artwork creation and print processes, Kallik’s integrated cloud-based solution intelligently and securely manages assets and content discovery.

Redefining the global labelling landscape - in print and online

A faster, more efficient solution enabling global organisations to embrace new electronic labelling formats whilst continuing to satisfy the need for printed media.

Lightning-fast search results to identify labels impacted by change

Within minutes you can search and mass-update thousands of labels impacted by regulatory changes across any location, regardless of any medium or format it is published in.

highly regulated industries

Manage larger and more diverse product portfolios through a single solution

Satisfy the need for localised product variants whilst maintaining global corporate oversight through achieving transparency across all channels, with the ability to prove compliance in seconds.

claims substantiation manager

Optimise existing resources across the entire global operation

Remove artificial bottlenecks and unnecessary time-consuming processes, freeing your team to focus on value-creating activities, increasing capacity by four times as much and driving your business forward.

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