Supports the entire labelling and artwork process through to factory floor printing

Kallik’s Factory Print solution supports the entire labelling and artwork management process from change order integration through to factory floor printing. You are able to quickly and reliably collate the latest approved content, from a range of sources, to automatically generate files and deliver compliant printed labels in seconds.

Drive all print processes by a single, integrated and connected system

With our Factory Print solution you will benefit from one comprehensive, unified, cloud-based labelling and artwork management solution which is scalable across; newly-acquired facilities, manufacturing divisions, distributors and even contract manufacturing sites, simplifying mass-updates to your labelling that are driven by regulatory or market specific changes.

Unprecedented traceability across the entire labelling supply chain

Kallik AMS360 combines its user-friendly print capability with stringent quality processes – capturing details of every interaction, quantities printed and even volumes of scrapped labels via a single, connected and integrated system. This is ideal for UDI and serialisation compliance. The combination of labelling functionality with quality procedures not only reduces the risk of non-compliance but also provides you with much greater transparency and detailed audit trails on a global scale.

Key benefits of Kallik’s Factory Print solution

  • Provides third parties with secure access to print-ready content
  • Secure collaborative approval workflows to ensure all content and print files are fully reviewed and signed-off
  • Integrates seamlessly to enterprise resource planning solutions
  • Ensures all dynamic templates and approved labelling content are maintained and version-controlled
  • End-to-end transparency, right down to final product label printing
  • Automated creation of all barcodes and RFID printing
  • Integrated workflows and full audit history to demonstrate compliance
  • Eliminates wastage by maintaining an exact record of quantities printed and scrapped