De-risk the merger and acquisitions process through centralising labelling and artwork content

Heavily regulated industries such as medical devices, pharmaceutical, chemicals and cosmetics can face huge legal and financial implications during and post the mergers and acquisitions process. This is often due to a failure to meet regulatory timeframes for transitioning thousands of products from one brand to another. This is where Kallik can help.

Standardise labelling and artwork assets in a central repository

During the mergers and acquisitions process, Kallik will bring all of your labelling and artwork assets into Kallik AMS360, making it visible to the parent business. From there, we will prioritise activity – focusing first on standardising content across your multiple sites.

Reduce time spent identifying assets to a matter of days

Each piece of your labelling and artwork content will be version-controlled and stored within Kallik’s centralised repository. This makes the task of implementing global changes a simple and effective process.

De-risking physical and IT transitions

Each of the factory production facilities will then be transitioned to AMS360. This approach enables production to continue within the parent company on the new platform, releasing the acquired business from its legacy IT infrastructure.

Find out how Kallik can help with labelling regulation during mergers and acqusitions