Managing the transition of technology quickly to ensure enterprise-wide adoption

Our Technology Transition services ensure you start using your Kallik solution as soon as possible so you begin to see the return on your investment happen almost immediately.

Working with you to embed change

Kallik’s team of professional services consultants will work with you, both on and off-site, for the duration of your AMS360 implementation. This will allow you to achieve optimum configuration for your business, but also embed the technology transition.

Providing an opportunity for fine tuning ahead of deployment

Your solution will be built in a secure test environment based on your required configuration. This allows you and your stakeholders to visualise the operation of the new system as early as possible and make any customisations.

Educating your team for rapid adoption

Providing visibility of the new solution as part of an organisation-wide change management programme will help educate your team, lead to rapid adoption, and early retirement of previous systems. Education  will be carried out collaboratively through a number of steps. These will include workshops and demonstrations and the establishing of clear project terms and success criteria.

Standardise and de-duplicate your labelling and artwork assets with Kallik’s Data Cleansing support