– Labelling content management leader Kallik has produced a new guide on how to plug the gap between ERP and PLM when it comes to packaging, artwork and labelling management workflow

Tamworth, UK March 23, 2015 – Labelling content and artwork management leader Kallik has announced a new whitepaper to help businesses, from consumer goods to closely-regulated industries, become more integrated in their packaging, artwork and labelling management processes.

The paper’s insights, based on dialogues over the course of many years with the Kallik customer base, as well as its network of integration partners, highlights how in some parts of the packaged goods sector, there is a ‘crack’ in the system – a gap left between core ERP and PLM systems when it comes to packaging, artwork, and labelling management workflow.

This is a growing problem, as businesses need to connect the data in the ERP system and the data in the PLM to the artwork management side of the system so as to have a properly unified, single source of truth for all their product information.

And as labelling content and brand identity become a greater priority – due to a combination of rising customer choice and tightening international compliance strictures – this breach in integrating key processes is becoming less and less tolerable.

One Kallik AMS packaging, artwork and labelling customer, for example, has realised a 40% improvement in turnaround due to saved time and errors by using the Kallik system to bridge that crucial ERP-PLM gap.

The document goes on to explain that a new generation of business software systems offer better performing alternatives to the large monolithic ERP systems of old, with a major breakthrough being more use of Open Source and Agile development techniques, which offer superior connectivity.

The paper also offers practical advice on how to manage an integration project internally, as well as case study-based ROI analysis on how to maximise benefits.

Neil Gleghorn, Chief Executive Officer of Kallik comments, “This resource is good news for business leaders in the regulated and packaged goods industries, who will find it a useful reference tool for making integration go a lot smoother.”

Kallik has a proven track record of working in regulated industries, offering integrated solutions that use a data-centric approach to labelling creation and management.

The paper, ‘The Integrated Enterprise,’ is available to download at:

About Kallik

Kallik is a global provider of software solutions that simplify complex artwork management, generation and approval challenges for regulated industries. Kallik’s systems help these organisations to reduce the risk of a product recall, guarantee product and brand consistency, mitigate risk and reduce costs. Based on technologies using a structured data-centric approach, Kallik’s solutions leverage and repurpose content to automatically generate artwork, which enables businesses to remove duplication, track content and rapidly change messaging to respond to a new market and regulatory challenges.

Formed in 2001, Kallik’s founders and senior management team have a rich heritage in the packaging and labelling industry. The flagship AMS360™ Automated Artwork Management solution was devised based on this insider knowledge of the sector and today underpins the businesses of companies including Sealed Air, Estee Lauder, Coloplast, Integra, Mary Kay and Unilever.

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