Founded in 1924, House of Cheatham is one of the oldest continuing manufacturers of personal and beauty care products in America. But that does not come without its challenges. As a company, House of Cheatham were in desperate need of a cloud-based labelling and artwork management solution, to respond to an exponential increase in global regulatory requirements.

Upon choosing Kallik, House of Cheatham are seeing an 80% reduction in speed to market, with 10 weeks taken out of the process, and an average of 6-fold increase in the number of artworks created per year compared to the previous solution.

House of Cheatham’s Director of Enterprise Development, Jeff Carson, talks through the problems he has faced and solutions he has chosen, with Kallik’s AMS180 vastly improving the company’s artwork production.

What were the challenges you were experiencing in labelling data and artwork production?

Maintaining the latest versions of artwork files was becoming an increasingly serious challenge. We were missing key opportunities as a business every time a label change was required. A typical example we were experiencing was up to nine amends per artwork were needed before files could be approved and released to print. It was clear our data files were disjointed from the process and we really found it difficult as a business to keep up with the pace of change.

How did you look to resolve this ongoing issue?

We knew it was of paramount importance that we acted quickly and efficiently to adopt a solution, to not only stay compliant with new regulatory requirements but to remain competitive in the marketplace. We looked at several options but Kallik AMS180 was by far the most efficient and impressive choice. It was the perfect solution to minimise capital outlay on in-house IT resources and was the best fit for the business.

Since choosing Kallik, talk us through the impact it has had on your business?

It’s had a profound effect. The Kallik team immediately understood the requirements of House of Cheatham as a small to medium business and the ROI from the scalability and flexibility of the solution was remarkable; it gave us the exact functionality we needed. We knew when making the decision that Kallik were at least two years ahead of their nearest competitor using cloud technology.

What have been the key changes and benefits of using Kallik AMS360?

In the first year of implementing the solution, we processed 140 new artworks. This is in comparison to creating just 24 per annum before Kallik, which is obviously a huge and impressive increase. Following on from that, in our second year we increased this number to 400 with no additional resources, but in turn increased the accuracy of our artwork production and have taken significant costs out of the process. This is 17 times more artwork production capacity with zero increase in resources, which is a fantastic achievement.

When looking to create new artwork versions, we now as a company have complete confidence in creation processes and selecting the latest approved version to initiate projects. The correct version of the artwork is now always sent to the print supplier base.

How have House of Cheatham’s employees adapted to using Kallik’s cloud-based labelling and artwork management solution?

Staff now have more time freed up which allows them to work on additional added-value projects, and this has seen our output increasing, but with the same number of staff.

The solution’s benefit has been felt across the whole business, with our marketing project managers key advocates of Kallik’s AMS180 as they’re now able to drive projects with 100 per cent accountability.

With this solution in place, do you have plans to expand your process or business?

Absolutely. House of Cheatham is expanding the use of Kallik’s solution by using its Asset manager as a way of controlling and versioning its ingredient declarations. With such a huge, positive impact on labelling inventory and reducing stock levels, new labels can now be produced to an agreed critical path to ensure on-time delivery. We couldn’t be happier to have chosen Kallik and will look to have plans in place to progressing additional capabilities soon.

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Tamworth, UK – 10 April 2018 – Global provider of labelling and artwork management solutions, Kallik, are delighted to announce Ashley Goldie as its new Managing Director.

Ashley’s new position is in line with the company’s strategy of organic growth, which sees experienced employees from within continue to progress, innovate and provide a committed service to Kallik’s target markets. His appointment comes at a time of development for Kallik, who are looking to expand its premises this year and engage in a recruitment drive to source employees who have the same ethos and industry focus as the solutions provider.

With nearly 30 years working internationally with major lifescience and branded organisations, Ashley has spent the last eight years as Kallik’s Sales and Marketing Director. Within that period, he has quadrupled turnover, gained invaluable insight into labelling and customer requirements and successfully positioned Kallik as a key leading provider in highly regulated sectors – Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cosmetic and Chemical.

“I am delighted to be given this opportunity,” he comments. “I look forward to the challenge of overcoming the transformational differences these heavily regulated industries are facing by delivering products of superior value, quality and performance whilst staying compliant across highly competitive global markets.

One of Ashley’s first actions, was to announce two further promotions within the company. Dave Tarbuck, who has been with Kallik over eight years, has been named as the new Global Client Services Director and Rob Woodall has been appointed Technical Director. Rob previously fulfilled the role of Lead Architect, having been with the company since 2007.

Ashley continues: “Both will bring invaluable know-how, expertise and commitment to their respective roles and exemplify Kallik’s process of internal growth. We aim as a team and company to continue to stay innovative and forward-thinking as the leading global labelling content management and artwork generation solutions provider for regulated industries.”

Ashley will look to build upon the team’s experience and knowledge, offering guidance and direction to the company’s focus. Building robust, scalable solutions that will satisfy the rigorous demands of global corporations in the heavily relegated sectors.

These solutions streamline labelling content into a seamless artwork process, which helps businesses to remove duplication, track content and efficiently change messaging to respond to new markets and regulatory changes – in print and online.

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About Kallik

Kallik is a global provider of labelling and artwork management solutions for regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics and chemicals industries. By centralising messaging content, Kallik enables large national and international organisations – often with thousands of products – to produce accurate, print-ready artwork for their packaging and labelling in seconds. Kallik stores all content – text, symbols and logos – as structured data, and manages it in a streamlined way. As a result, amending artwork in line with new market-specific requirements is quick and easy – even if multiple product lines are affected, across multiple markets and in multiple languages. For more information visit:

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Tamworth, UK, September 5, 2017 – Industry’s leading provider of artwork management solutions, Kallik, today announced that it has surpassed bold growth targets set for its previous fiscal year with the delivery of its AMS360Print solution into three major new clients, each delivering class leading products into heavily regulated markets. Being leaders in pharmaceutical, medical device and chemicals markets, each has selected Kallik to underpin their roll-out of enterprise wide business transformation projects to reduce time to market, eliminate wastage and increase levels of compliance. Commenting on this achievement, Neil Gleghorn, Kallik’s Founder and CEO stated: “Our success is the result of staying focused on our core markets rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted by short term, less strategic opportunities.”

“In delivering products into highly competitive markets, each of these organisations is faced with similar challenges” says Gleghorn. “Whether being a supplier of Pharmaceutical, Medical Device or Petrochemical products, demonstrating full compliance against both global and local legislation, ensuring brand consistency and being protected from the threat of counterfeit activities are all equally important. We are delighted to have been chosen as the vendor to enable each organisation to modernize their labelling processes and to standardize global printed label production across both B2B and B2C markets.”

Kallik’s AMS360Print solution enables organisations to store, index and version control all labelling related content both textural including translations and graphical as unique digital assets, resulting in there only ever being one version of the truth. Once approved, these content assets are infinitely re-usable across all types of media and labelling, whether printed or electronic. Being cloud-based, users and print resources can connect to the system from anywhere in the world, removing the traditional constraints imposed by firewalls and restricted VPN access. This vastly simplifies engagement with internal and external design houses and manufacturing facilities.

Organisations seeking to increase their presence in emerging markets by engaging with 3rd party manufacturers and distributors can compromise visibility across the supply chain. Having centralised control of each printed label makes it easier to identify any discrepancies between the quantity of products sold and bulk shipment of materials. By enabling 3rd parties to print labels directly from the Kallik solution, including serialised identifiers if required, vastly reduces the risk of counterfeit products being sold on to end customers.

Gleghorn continues; “As organisations operating in highly regulated industries, all were facing very similar challenges to those experienced by our others prior to adopting our solution. Often, we find multiple instances of Excel spreadsheets distributed via email to capture content which can become uncontrolled or worst still, lost. Ultimately, the final approved version of the artwork can be the PDF created by an external studio that can change significantly from the original content and requirements specified by regulatory. This lack of transparency and traceability can result in a lack of accountability and ultimately risk non-compliance.”

Also commenting on these recent successes, Ashley Goldie, Kallik’s Sales and Marketing Director adds “We are delighted to have been selected by such high-profile clients within their industry sectors. This demonstrates clear confidence in our ability to deliver an outstanding level of performance into organisations that define themselves by market leading products and global success.”

About Kallik

Kallik is a global provider of integrated software solutions spanning all forms of labelling, packaging and leaflets whether electronic or printed form. Our solutions simplify complex artwork management, generation and approval challenges for regulated industries. Kallik’s systems help these organisations to demonstrate compliance, reduce the risk of product recall, guarantee product and brand consistency, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Based on technologies using a structured data-centric approach, Kallik’s solutions leverage and repurpose content to automatically generate artwork. This enables businesses to remove duplication, track content and rapidly change messaging to respond to new market and regulatory challenges.

Formed in 2001, Kallik’s founders and senior management team have a rich heritage in the packaging and labelling industry. Kallik’s flagship AMS360™ Automated Artwork Management solution was devised based on this insider knowledge of the sector and today underpins the businesses of companies including, Cardinal Health, Teleflex, Exxon Mobil, Sealed Air, Coloplast, Integra, Mary Kay and Unilever.

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Tamworth, UK, May 18, 2017 – Industry’s leading provider of artwork management solutions, Kallik, is continuing to strengthen its client facing activities to enable its customers to extend their use of Kallik’s flagship AMS360product. This initiative follows the appointment of Rob Frymus as Customer Success Manager last year, to help customers optimise their labelling and artwork processes around a single, cloud-based solution.

“Many of Kallik’s customers originally invested in AMS360 to solve a specific business challenge, whether this be for primary, secondary or tertiary print.” commented Rob. “With our customers now having successfully deployed our solution to satisfy their initial use cases, more and more are seeking to expand its use across the whole enterprise.”

Uniquely, Kallik AMS360print enables highly regulated industries including pharma, medical device, chemicals and cosmetics to bring all their labelling and artwork processes under one single platform. This vastly simplifies the artwork creation, approval and print processes across the entire supply chain – including engagement with 3rd parties. It also reduces the risk of non-compliance as each activity is recorded, time-stamped, auditable and reportable.

Recent new wins with tier 1 organisations in the medical device and chemicals verticals plus an existing client base that is extending the application of Kallik’s software, suggests that the industry sees clear benefit from adopting a flexible cloud-based approach to labelling and artwork management. As our customer base continues to grow, our client services team will be busy ensuring that as a company, we continue to develop and deliver products and services that will shorten time to market and minimise risk of non-compliance.

Commenting on the role of the client services team, Neil Gleghorn, Chief Executive Officer of Kallik adds, “As we continue to expand our business into new markets and industries, it is essential that we continue to support our existing base of customers. New capabilities we’re introducing in the product to support the needs of our new customers will have a clear impact and benefit on our installed base. It is the responsibility of the client success team to ensure every Kallik customer benefits from our ongoing investment.”