By Neil Gleghorn, CEO, Kallik

nail-gleghornIt’s time to start telling you more about the most important deal that Kallik has made in our 14 year history – our fantastic new cloud-based service AMS 360Print that we’re rolling out in close collaboration with our partner, print management services leader Zebra Technologies, the global leader in barcode printing and real-time location system technology including printers, RFID, software and supplies.

We’re putting together a wide range of materials to start helping customers and partners, as well as the rest of the artwork and labelling community, understand what this means for the market. And I can’t think of a better place to start than this video [see here:] that sets out some of the business drivers very well.

I’ve summarised the audio here – and I hope you have a couple of minutes to check it out!

Connectivity at the heart of what we both do

“The Kallik solution is a web-based cloud solution, managing content all to do with labelling. The most important thing about what Kallik does, in fact, is the creation and protection of the data, as well as ensuring that the data is actually used correctly.

“What we were looking for at Kallik was a way of connecting our cloud solution to multiple devices – regardless of geographic location around the world. And we came across the Zatar project within Zebra. And so Zatar, for us, is really a wide area network, in fact, a global network that allows us to connect things through it into the Kallik data.

“One of the key benefits here is making sure that that information is correct; if you get a product wrong, labelled wrong, it’s typically millions of pounds worth of cost. The other thing this Zatar is going to offer us as a vendor is helping customers with traceability – everything is in just one system. So joining those two things up will not only reduce risk for brands, it will also give enterprises a much better system so that they can be much more efficient and have a full, global audit trail.

“What this does for customers is offer major change in the way that they currently work, reducing complexity, reducing cost – and reducing the opportunity of getting it wrong. These are all excellent good reasons for us linking with Zatar.

In fact, working with the Zebra platform is really ultimately about extending the concept we have had for years here at Kallik about connectivity. Zebra thinks the same in many ways as we have since 2001 – about speed, about web services, cloud, rapid development, they think about Agile development In very similar ways to us, too.

“So to come across a platform that’s all about connecting things and being better together really is totally aligned with what we do in our business.”


By Neil Gleghorn, CEO, Kallik

nail-gleghornWe have a lot on our to-do list for 2015. Be assured, it’s genuinely exciting stuff. Both for us as a company, commercially, but also for our customers and for our long-term trusted partners.

What’s really gratifying is that a lot of what you’ll see happening for Kallik in 2015 builds on conversations that we’ve had with our customers going back quite some time. 2015 will be the year that crystallises the efforts that the team has been putting into this market for years, so it really is an important year for us.

And a dominant theme that will sum up a lot of what’s taking shape: Kallik’s extended cloud. In fact, from a technology viewpoint, the growing acceptance by the market that cloud is the best platform to both deliver and for connectivity is also crystallising, and is a huge part of our plans and ambitions for the next 12 months.

Kallik has always been a cloud innovator; in fact, we had one of the first ever such offerings out there, in 2003 (although it wasn’t called cloud then!). I think it’s safe to say, we are ahead of the game here.

The emergence of AMS 360Print

Our programme name for all that is AMS 360Print, which you will hear a lot about this year. At a high level, the story is this: since day one, the Kallik proposition was that you should have one system that you can access via any device you like, mobile, PC, Mac or whatever.

That proposition has evolved as we talked to clients who said, ‘Well, we have got all these printers that we need to hook up – can you help us link to those?’

We’re not talking desktop laser printers here. We mean the large industrial printers on the factory floor; the minsters that churn out hundreds of thousands of product labels.

These machines are connected up, but only to a limited degree. Our challenge to customers was that the bar needed to be raised – rather than manage every single printer individually, with no central way of managing anything other than printer server type technology, a new, more integrated and global way of working, should be the aspiration. A new way that removes the need for old school labelling software solutions in the manufacturing site and delivers real-time optimisation of manufacturing production, true smart manufacturing.

Hence our collaboration with Zebra Technologies – the largest supplier in the world of printers in the manufacturing and labelling space.

Working with Zebra we have built AMS 360Print – a global cloud platform solution – which means even if you have 20 factories all over the world, those printers now link seamlessly to your Kallik artwork and content labelling management solution.

In other words, those networked printers don’t just see the LAN and some central print server, but one Kallik cloud – which in practical terms means you can print on any print device anywhere in the world, directly from your Kallik application. No more distributed label databases and labelling templates and a huge leap in terms of efficiency, quality and traceability.

That means one piece of data all the way through every part of your labelling process for all your packaging and labelling needs, whether its factory label, patient leaflets or pre-printed packaging.

That’s a fantastic breakthrough for anyone working with labelling content in a regulated industry – in fact in any industry!

The other interesting aspect to this news is that this solution can be easily made a fully-integrated part of your supplier chain (and you don’t need install any software!) – which means, regardless of manufacturing location and ownership, data can flow and labels can be printed to one standard, ensuring quality right across the supply chain.

To sum up for this preview, 2015 for Kallik is going to be the year when all our messages about a single source of truth, the fact that artwork management is all about content, cloud is the best delivery method, plus the smart way to work is in the shape of a community of people extending that data value right across multiple other touch points – are all coming together.


Streamlined, traceable printing solutions – including Zatar IoT platform – help remove cost, complexity and regulatory risk

TAMWORTH, UK & LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. 17 February, 2015 Kallik, the Label and Artwork Management company, today announced a strategic technology partnership with Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in products and services that provide real-time visibility into organisations’ assets, people and transactions. The resulting solutions extend the reach and benefits of Kallik’s flagship Label and Artwork Management (LAM) system to the factory-floor printer.

Manufacturers commonly have multiple standalone PCs, databases and printers for packaging and labelling output, leading to inefficiency and duplication. Once label artwork is approved, it is often received by the manufacturing facility as a PDF, only to be recreated in another software system.

With the combined solutions introduced in January 2015, Kallik harnesses Zebra’s Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) enablement platform, allowing remote printer applications to be integrated with other software systems. Kallik uses this to extend the controls and transparency of its AMS360 LAM solution down to the label printer level – helping remove cost, complexity and regulatory risk for producers of medical devices and other life sciences manufacturers.


  • Kallik AMS360 is a powerful, cloud-based label and artwork management system which allows all of the constituent visual parts of a product’s packaging, labelling and user literature to be managed intelligently and with high levels of automation from a single, central place.
  • The AMS360 system improves a manufacturer’s efficiency, speed to market and compliance. It has particular appeal in heavily regulated industries in which ensuring the use of correct, up-to-date wording, logos and symbols in each target country is paramount.
  • Zatar is an IoT application enablement platform that helps manage entire device networks and simplifies the creation of applications. Zatar is the ideal software platform to build IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.
  • Recently named a leading player in Gartner’s Market Guide for LAM Software Vendors, Kallik integrates the Zatar platform with its AMS360 LAM software to drive print commands and extend the traceability of content-handling through to the final output.


Neil Gleghorn, founder and CEO, Kallik

“Thanks to our partnership with Zebra, our customers can reduce the costs of maintaining multiple printers by connecting to any single printer across their organizations.  From one system, everything can be controlled so there is a single version of the truth, and an end-to-end audit trail of who did what, when, and where. Once a master label has been approved, it can be printed directly from our system. This capability is completely unique to Kallik.”

Philip Gerskovich, senior vice president, New Growth Platforms, Zebra Technologies

“We are excited that Kallik, a long-time Zebra partner, has selected the Zatar enterprise IoT platform to enhance the experience for its customers and create a new solution that addresses tasks that are historically time consuming and expensive.”



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