• Enterprise Labelling and Artwork Management Solutions

    Transforming artwork management processes in highly regulated industries to ensure compliance, guarantee consistency, and reduce the risk of product recall.

    Transform your labelling with Kallik’s AMS products
  • Consistent messaging across all labelling collateral and marketing communications

    Ensuring labelling compliance across global markets.

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  • Unprecedented traceability across the entire labelling supply chain

    Helping your organisation eliminate process bottlenecks and achieve faster return on investment through increased transparency and greater levels of collaboration.

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  • One cloud-based, collaborative platform for all your labelling needs

    A joined-up approach to labelling in print or online.

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Labelling and Artwork Automation, Simplified.

Simplifying your labelling and artwork management processes to achieve total transparency across your global supply chains.

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Artwork Creation

Labelling and Artwork Management defined

Everything from data collation to delivery to ensure complete consistency

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Ensuring compliance
Reducing complexity

Working from a single, approved set of master data that can be reused and repurposed with minimal effort.

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Global Labelling and Artwork Management

Discover Kallik’s Labelling and Artwork Management Solution

Reducing Labelling and Artwork Management complexity with Enterprise cloud software

Kallik’s integrated cloud-based solution intelligently and securely manages assets, content discovery and reuse, whilst ensuring extreme accuracy across all artwork creation and print processes.


Automated workflows underpin the creation, review and approval processes


Deployed as a Software-as-a-Service basis or on your company’s network


Supporting the entire labelling and artwork management process


Driving quality across all areas of artwork creation and labelling through to the end product – whether print or digital


Easily integrated with other applications allowing for content to be imported straight into the Kallik system

Audit History

Every decision taken by contributors, reviewers and approvers is time-stamped and easily searchable

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Expert insights in pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics and the chemical industries.

Kallik announce Ashley Goldie as Managing Director

Tamworth, UK – 10 April 2018 – Global provider of labelling and artwork management solutions, Kallik, are delighted to announce Ashley Goldie as its new Managing Director. Ashley’s new position is in line with the company’s strategy of organic growth, which sees experienced employees from within continue to progress, innovate and provide a committed service…